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Guy Ophir law firm specializes in Internet law, copyright and intellectual property law, defamation and libel law, as well as commercial and labor law.

“The duty of the court of law is to serve justice, and justice, among other things is largely dependent on the ability of the lawyer”

In a given trial, it is the responsibility of the attorney to represent the client’s interests to the best of his/her ability. The duty of legal counsel is to minimize client risk and to effectively strategize in the face of ambiguity,

The advantages of litigations in Israel: the Israeli Courts do not operate a Jury system, leaving the rulings to Judges. Moreover, Multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, etc., are not protected in Israel as they are in the US. Unlike the U.S., Israeli law does not hold immunity that protects websites from liability to third party publications. Attorney Guy Ophir, senior partner of the firm, serves as Chief Director of the Promotion of Internet in Israel, Deputy Director of the Hi-tech Committee in the Israel Bar Association, and Chairman of the Israel Computing and Internet Committee.

Guy Ophir and his team represented several high profile cases concerning internet law, libel and slander, copyright violations, commercial law as well as petitions to the Supreme Court of Israel.

We believe that your interests can be realized in a variety of ways, and our role as your attorneys is to advise on the best possible options. Sometimes filing a suit in court is the best approach. We put our body of legal expertise and experience to work for you, helping to make sense of often confusing situations that you will not have encountered before. Our job is to clarify the case to you by dispelling legal ambiguity so that you can be part of the decision making process while we provide you with effective legal counsel.

As an attorney I see myself as a confidant to my clients, a service provider, and an adviser working towards their personal and professional empowerment.

Internet law- the field of internet law is uncharted territory, and can be compared to the “wild west”. The legislation and case law in Israel, as is true in the United States as well, lag behind the development of new technologies. Moreover, it is essential that an attorney in this field be very familiar with the technology and the models of the internet world as well as a command of trade laws. Each of our attorneys has computing and internet expertise, and the office specializes in court representation as well as providing on-going legal advice. Our clients include businesses, portals and internet sites in Israel and abroad. The service we provide includes legal advice regarding privacy, defamation, intellectual property on the internet, affiliate marketing, search engine optimizations  (SEO) and funded (Adwords, Adsense), aggressive promotion (black hat SEO), use of cookie files, web bugs, spam, founders agreements, terms of use, and more.

Commercial law- Every commercial attorney at Guy Ophir has a long record of experience in the field. We provide legal support and representation for Israeli corporations in Israel and abroad, help in starting a company in Israel and abroad, legal representation in court, founder agreements, partner agreements, non-disclosure agreements, banking law, regulation, business licenses, trademark registration in Israel and abroad, and any court representation or legal support having to do with business in Israel.

Copyright Law and Intellectual Property – The office offers representation of plaintiffs and defendants in court proceedings, and legal support for defending intellectual property and/or use of copyrights. Our office founded “Israel Copyright registrar”, and represents many clients whose field of business activities are on the boundary of copyright law in Israel, the U.S and the EU.

Libel and Privacy Protection- The office represents plaintiffs and defendants with defamation suits and privacy law in a variety of disputes, from public cases against media organizations, defamation disputes between businesses, to suits between private parties.

Labor and Employment law- The office offers legal support to employers and employees on issues of employment conditions, lack of competition, secrecy and more. Guy Ophir attorney at law, has taken on cases at the Regional Labor Courts throughout the country and has argued cases at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

I, attorney Guy Ophir invite you to make use of this website and its contents.


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